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Yourhotbook Review and Official Information vs. Other Websites

Spending enough time on yourhotbook got me to thinking and wondering if there were other sites out there that would be as fun to explore? I liked the idea of seeing a lot of different things and also just browsing around to find new things that I hadnít thought of before. The only issue I had before was that I was getting a little bored at times. While itís a great site, they tend to stick to the basics for the most part. I felt strongly about the site since Iíve already done an entire review page dedicated to it, so it did feel a little weird checking out other places and trying to stay objective in my review of other sites. I will say this as a general statement about the competition out there, they use a lot of the girls I see from the other sites. Itís like a big pool with the same people in it. At least with you know you are getting fresh faces every time you log in.

Though I hadnít been to many sites like it before, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at and thought they really knew what they were doing. It surprised me to see so many good looking girls on the site. The only issue I had with it, is that it seemed a little too good to be true. I was worried that the girls may have been paid or possibly could have been models from a picture website that someone paid the royalty fee for. I think the profiles seemed a little fishy since everyone seemed too cool. Although it wasnít as real feeling as some of the others, I must say that the entertainment value is definitely there. I like everything theyíve done with the design, profiles, and even some of the different sections are pretty cool. I would give them 3.5 out of 5 stars.

While hot hop was good, craigsbootylist was not what I expected. It was really dry, dull, and even kind of boring. Sure, there were a ton of different profiles and people but the main issue was that they were all very unattractive. Many of the girls that seemed sweet werenít after a couple minutes of chatting. It was one of those sites you can meet a lot of different people on, but itís very hard to find any quality people on the site. It was a sharp contrast to which I had just reviewed. Overall, I give them 1 out of 5 stars.

After looking at the both of those, I started to lose faith that I would find anything better than yourhotbook but I didnít completely give up. My search turned me on to a couple more sites which arenít even worth mentioning before finally getting a sneak peek at which really got me excited. The girls all seemed real and when I would chat, they actually had personalities too. A lot of the people I met on the site were really sweet and pretty attractive too. I liked what I saw with the web design, the organization of the site and the queries I was able to do. It was much more like a dating site that I could chat with members on rather than it being the kind of site which just makes me feel awkward after logging on. Overall, I would give free flings 4 out of 5 stars.

My opinion:

Unlike so many of the other sites we have seen in the past, these sites today are like a whole new genre. It isnít the dirty sites you were looking at 10 years ago nor are we seeing the bore of a standard dating site. Yourhotbook does a great job of combining the two in order to make us feel more like we have a role within the outcome. Itís almost like one of those first person books where you get to choose the outcome by chatting with other great people and seeing if the sparks fly or not. While many of these sites are legitimate and do a good job of bringing in new people, there are also a lot out there which are total scams. I wouldnít recommend these to anyone.  What they do is try to get you in with a video they post or they might show you a little bit of what youíre looking for. The only problem is that then you find yourself always trying to figure out which are the better and safer sites that wonít harm your computer, wonít try to use your information, and wonít cost too much either. This is why I started writing these reviews to begin with and I hope people find the information here useful. By the way, I still rate yourhotbook 5 out of 5 stars. Happy browsing!